Friday, November 19, 2010

Nostalgic Essays

The Review is published in The Rising Nepal dated on 2010 November 19.

- CP Aryal

Everyone, in fact, have their own traces in their life. Roshan Sherchan, also a conservationist by his profession, could not be an exception. Though he could not be an exception of having some traces in life, he is exception in tethering his experiences in fine silhouette with mesmerizing magic of words.

Sherchan's Champaran Blues, a collection of several essays is a recent publication of Orchid Books. These nostalgic narratives are afflictions and delightful undergoing of various periods in life of the author. The collection totalizes writer's memoirs of his days of several sufferings. Author, in a vivacious tone describes his abroad days and the terrific turmoil when he was employed in Nepal.
Sherchan as a poet could not leave his instinct reveal in the essays. In almost all of the crafts in the collection essayist's poetic passions are exposed. The essay Hazar Muza, Eutai Aakash(Thousand Folds, One Sky) is superbly knotted in poetic approach. When author's grandmother's home, in a village is dropped out by flood, he goes to carry her for city life. The essay shows what could be a pang to leave a place where one's heart is linked with!
Maowadi Chhayamuni Jindagika Dobharu (Traces of Life under the Maoist Shadow) is enough in itself provoking emotions to readers. It is the memoir when author was an officer. Conflict ridden period was so much horrifying for the job holders in distant areas that Sherchan evaporated his terrors in this way: "The shadow of the war is more dreadful than its body."